This year of 2016, the live house Shinjuku LOFT located in Tokyo celebrates its forthieth anniversary ! For the event , the hall — in partnership with master + mind — has scheduled a series of concerts untitled “Rock is culture 2016” bringing together various bands and artists from the musical movement, from January 10th to February 26th. This place, now a must-see hall, halfway between a typical American bar and Gothic evenings cellars, offers an intimate atmosphere combined with a stylish design. It is in this place that SAKURAI Yuki, LIPHLICH, STEREO.C.K and THE MICRO HEAD 4N’s gathered to celebrate the anniversary. Thanks to a powered-up music, LIPHLICH started with a bang. The hall’s temperature quickly rose making forget the winter finally came Tokyo. SAKURAI Yuki then took over by proposing a completely different setting show : an acoustic concert with voice and guitar only. Although his singing, full of emotions, is indisputable well-controlled, the transition is bit too sharp, probably unwise ! STEREO.C.K came to shake the audience up with an outstanding and unrestrained rhythmic vitatlity ! The bass, very much presents, is definitely a key point to the band. No surprise, the musician is nobody else but Kazu, a former member of KAGEROU. The guitarist Yuana, who is always into winces and odd facial expressions, is a also former member of KAGEROU producing something similar in the compositions between the two groups as a result. It grooves, it goes in all directions. But the set was too short and the band quickly left the stage. THE MICRO HEAD 4N ‘S, with the two former members of D’ESPAIRSRAY, Zero and Tsukasa finally closed the evening with a brighter and more festive note. A catchy and effective one ! The music tinted with electro touches shaked the audience once more. We could only regret that the guitar sound was too silent, especially considering that the band consists of two guitarists. The sequence STEREO.CK / THE MICRO HEAD 4N ‘S brought up some memories. Remember the Coupling Tour 2005 that brought together D’ESPAIRSRAY and KAGEROU 10 years ago in Europe ? A beautiful evening that ended-up with the bands on stage wishing their best for 2016.


See photos : HERE and HERE

[text translated by Lauren N.]

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