【review】 DECAYS : ビロードの鳥』(Veludo No Tori)


Japanese unit DECAYS, led by Die of DIR EN GREY and Kei Kashiyama of MOON CHILD, kicked off a one-man tour titled TOUR2016 PINK=FLORID on the first of April at Nagoya and concluded it on the nineth of the same month at Tokyo’s Shinjuku ReNY. During this brief period, the band made a brand new single available for purchase. Titled『ビロードの鳥』(Veludo No Tori), the piece of craft as a whole is full of surprises in many regards. The first unexpected element being the title : the velvet bird apparently alludes to the velvet scoter, a large sea duck. The reasoning behind the choice might lie behind the lyrics and special characteristics of the bird, which will try to find out in an interview. The second unexpected element is the artcover : reminiscent of the Fillmore Posters, the latter depicts a bird and a flower in bright pink. The paisley patterns, round-shapes, repetition of motifs, large typography as well as the morphing collage are deeply characterized of the psychedelic art movement of the 60’s and 70’s. That being said, it is no surprising that this piece of art goes towards the same direction, craft-wise, of the title of DECAYS’ latest tour where it was exclusively sold (mentioned above). The name PINK=FLORID appears to be a pun of the name Pink Floyd, THE English band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic rock. Knowing further details about the graphics (text and designs) of the CD, you would probably think that they translate visually its content, following its spirit and sound-genre. Well, it doesn’t at all ! There is nothing sunshiney psychedelic nor stoner rock about ‘Veludo no Tori’, the single is actually a mellow slow-tempo track. The vocals are soft and sung, by Die fully in English, in harmony with the languid rhythm. The violin riff is mournfully moving, it places you in the narrative of a romantico-melodramatic movie. Die’s remarkable and distinctive sense of melody shines throughout the combination of the acoustic and electric guitars. The result is captivatingly mellifluous ! The single was a limited venue-sold release only but might be later included to an album, probably a physical CD. DECAYS has embarked on an interesting path full of delighted contradictions, paradoxes and contrasts which VerdamMnis will try to elucide. Keep an eye and ear out !


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