【report】 cali≠gari w/ D’ERLANGER & sukekiyo (Tokyo)

cali≠gari is a japanese band belonging to the Angura Kei and EroGuro (eroticism, sexual content and decadence) movements — sub-genres of Visual Kei — and whose music oscillates between different various styles such as rock, punk, pop , jazz, electronic music but also hip-hop . The group is composed of three members : guitarist Ao Sakurai, singer Shuji Ishii and bassist Kenjoro Murai. On January 5th, the trio performed a special concert at the Zepp Tokyo (Japan) along with D’ERLANGER and sukekiyo. The latter kicked off the night with a seemingly intense performance but which only did we see the set-closing. What we can say however, is that since the release of their first and only album to date, the band has significantly expanded its universe, which has become darker and disturbing even provocative to the point of including a SM performance in their set. D’ERLANGER then took over with a lounge decorum : red curtain and sofa. Despite a popping sound and blinding lights, the band offered an excellent show that leaked an impressive ease, Rock N Roll spirit and pure energy. We could feel years of experience and necessary spontaneity : D’ERLANGER did not steal its reputation ! The group closed its set with CRAZY4U whose sexy chorus words were repeated in unison by an elated public. This is also probably the only thing that brings together these three bands : a universe of erotic touches. The evening continued with the hosts : cali≠gari, who did not output back the tension, not in one iota, thanks to a boosted performance ! The lights did not blind nor the sound were saturated anymore. The deep bass shook up the walls and the melodies plundged the audience in a total immersion. The singer was incapable of staying at his place for more than half a second. He was gesticulating in all directions. The band concluded the evening on a frenetic performance by sharing the stage with kyo, Tetsu and CIPHER (who was celebrating his birthday) from D’ERLANGER and Takumi from Sukekiyo on two tracks. A grand finale !


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[ Setlist | cali≠gari ]

  • 01. ono shayou, aruiha ero chika (その斜陽、あるいはエロチカ)
    02. –tou- (-踏-)
    03. inbi maru de chaos na (淫靡まるでカオスな)
    04. toitoitoi (トイトイトイ)
    05. トレーションデモンス
    06. Overnight Hiking (オーバーナイトハイキング)
    07. Tokyo, 40 hours, 29 minutes, 59 seconds (東京、40時29分59秒)
    08. kourei-shi i airabuyuu (紅麗死異愛羅武勇)
    09. haikara – satsubatsu – haiso – zessan (ハイカラ・殺伐・ハイソ・絶賛)
    10. Sex to uso (セックスと嘘)
  • EN
    01. sassou taru mirai-ken (颯爽たる未来圏)(with : Tetsu [D’ERLANGER])
    02. LA VIE EN ROSE(with : D’ERLANGER / 匠 [sukekiyo])

[ text translated by Lauren N ]

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