【report】the GazettE (Chiba | Makuhari Messe)

Starting point DOGMA | REVIEW — the concept

the GazettE released its eigth studio-album on August 26th 2016. Titled DOGMA, the band does with it everything on a grand and beauty scales ! The record is incorpored within the framework of a global conceptual scheme named PROJECT:DARK AGE which marks the thirteenth anniversary of the combo.The project, which was launched over the course of March 2015, is being developed purposely through a range of thirteenth sub-projects represented graphically by a logo, a ring-shape dodecagon. The circle added to the twelve-sided polygon symbolizes the thirteeth line. The graphic choice, driven by the age of the band, is without a doubt well-thought since a twelve-star polygon is culturally linked to the Earthly Branches, an ancient means through which time is measured (duration, age). These sub-projects, commonly titled ‘movement’ — the notion of time is a corollary of the notion of movement — yet dissociated by ordinal numbers, are then revealed in further details in dribs and drabs.The album DOGMA, being the very first movement (located at the far north on the logo), is the core piece of the puzzle which encompasses other audiovisual and text elements created in association with 18 artists (HERE). Music-wise, the album is a perfect blend of SlipKnot’s Iowa for its heaviness, DIR EN GREY’s Dum Spiro Spero for its atypical pattern and Marilyn Manson’s Holy Wood for its esoteric spirit.

Grand finale DOGMA | LIVE REPORT

On Septembre 27th , the GazettE finally brought about the disclosure of the project DOGMA with a very special performance which was held in the 10th hall of Makuhari Messe, a convention center located in the Mihama-ku ward of Chiba city, in the northwest corner of Chiba prefecture. At 6:30 sharp, thousands of starving lucky-golden-ticket-winners were as ready as ever to devour an autumnal the GazettE ! The band appeared on stage drown by saturated and vivid red lights and driven by the mystical rhythms of the song DOGMA. The diner was about to get bloody !
As soon as the words ‘Are you ready’ — coming off RAGE — were yelled, the crowd went nuts. People were headbanging frenetically, hair was floating and swirling all around. They looked like Gremlins onto who water had been poured. Despite being an intimistic concert compared to the finale event that took place on February 28th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, the concert didn’t suffer from any lack whatsoever (see live-report here). The energetic pace launched from the very beginning of the show didn’t slow a bit as DAWN and GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS followed. The musicians started enjoying and moving themselves a little more on stage. No more special platforms, no giant screen nor cinematographic-ish images, the standing-only show was all about the music. However, tradition-like and the GazettE do not perfectly match together. And thus, the pared-down performance still enjoyed a spectacular set of lights. There were absolutely outstanding colors and shapes. The lightening engineers did an absolute brilliant work. Smash hit VENOMOUS SPIDER’S WEB then infused contagious energy into the audience which kept screaming its lungs out, it’s definitely a fan favorite. As the lights were slowly getting desaturated, they let appeared the decorative design of the stage. The flag hung behind the musicians reminded a bit of Marilyn Manson‘s logo from the Golden Age of Grotesque area, which was itself inspired by the swastika. On CLEVER MONKEY, the guys let themselves loose once more, the guitarists URUHA and AOI along with bassist REITA invaded other parts of the stage while vocalist RUKI kept dancing to the cheers of the audience. BIZARRE followed and completely mesmerized the audience. The intro has been extended and altered, the rhythm section was even more intense live than it is on the CD, the electronic sounds were even richer and more varied. The setlist went on with autumnal colors as DEUX took over. The atmosphere slowed down a bit during OMINOUS. A rotating light ball diffused bright white lights like laser sticks before going back to vivid red touches. The sound of a ticking-clock then paced rhythm to the track THE SUICIDE CIRCUS. Frontman RUKI started dancing like AXL ROSE (Guns N Roses), who’s also famous for his very singular serpentine dance moves. After a speech from the man, the show went on with INCUBUS. The track pumped up more energy to bassist REITA. The man kept headbanging and moving on both sides of the stage. LUCY came shortly after. From that moment on, the pace increased crescendo as time went by. The musicians and vocalist swapped places over and over again meanwhile drummer KAI sent shockwaves through the concert hall via high-powered hits ! On ATTITUDE, small light balls appeared on stage. The band made the audience paused before commanding it to headbang as if live depended on it. The frontman gave another speech to the audience, made it laugh several times and the concert went on with HEADACHEMAN. There was absolutely no room for resting, the music made hands clap and heads bang ! The set moved on with UGLY and BLEMISH which kept the good vibe rolling. UNDYING finally closed the set of the show.

The band walked away while the crowed started shouting the typical encore chant. At 8:00 PM the lights dimmed back and the encore set started on. The rumble grew into the roar of one loud voice as soon as INSIDE BEAST began. The energy of the band and the crowd merged into one explosive vibration. The two guitarists faced each other to the right of the stage and played together a little while, in the meantime the bassist went to the extreme left of the stage while slapping furiously his strings. The attendees kept shaking their bodies to the powerful hits of the drummer. Enthusiastic vocalist visited every space of the stage to perform together with the other guys. Classics tracks Filth in the beauty and COCKROACH made the crowd burst of joy. Shortly after, TOMORROW NEVER DIES followed. The song should have wrapped up the evening but surprisingly didn’t : after the song, the band thanked the audience and went away. The background music started echoing within the walls of the hall. But it suddently stopped and the GazettE appeared back on stage again for a short encore. The band worked its heart and soul and gave its all to performe one last song. The guys ran all over the stage, they constantly moved their bodies and heads, back and forth, and asked for the cheers of the attendees. And there, after a 2-hour concert, the band marked the successful conclusion of the conceptual project DOGMA.



02. RAGE
03. DAWN
08. DEUX
12. LUCY
15. UGLY
EN2. 赤いワンピース
EN3. Filth in the beauty
WEN. 関東土下座組合



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