【report】MUCC (Tokyo | Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)

MUCC has embarked upon a busy release scheduled trip over the past couple of years with a full-length album THE END OF THE WORLD on June 25th (2014), a mini-album T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997- on June 24 (2015) and maxi-single Heide on June 15th (2016). Not sufficient enough, a brand new single has just been announced to be out on September 14th (2016) titled CLASSIC. This announcement was made on the 25th of June, the day the band kicked-off a special tour celebrating its 20th anniversary. Titled MUCC TOUR 2016 GO TO 20TH ANNIVERSARY, its inauguration performance took place at the Hibiya Outdoor Theater. Located right in the heart of the capital, the open-air music hall is surrounded by the relaxed, spacious, cosmopolitan block of woodlands and greenery spot that the Hibiya park provides. This special place creates a perfect environment where music and nature comes together but it also puts enjoyment at the mercy of the weather. Despite the arrival of the wet season, the rain fortunately didn’t come.
In the sold-out outdoor venue surrounded by the Hibiya park’s dream-like scenery, MUCC put on an absolutely exquisite show from 6:00 to 8:00 PM ! The band took over the stage with great fanfare, running all over the place and soliciting the audience’s engagement and enjoyement, which went positive faster than a blink of an eye. Contagious energy felt like to be touched, almost material, bouncing back and forth between the band and the audience throughout the entire show. The set started-off with Daikirai as soon as yet-silenced Tatsuro (Vo) yelled the word (meaning ‘I hate you’) to the people. Tension went on a rapid ascent, spreadring like wildfire, thanks to powerful rythmic tracks ENDER ENDER and KILLEЯ. The entire room headbanged as if life depended on it. On JOKER, the frontman engaged himself into lascivous and suggestive of sexuality dancing moves before the eyes of excited fans. The man then pressed himself against leading musician Miya as he masterfully wailed out his guitar solo. After a short speech to the audience, the performance went on as an unquestionable variety of smash hits as night slowly chased the daylight away. Though temperature was decreasing little by little, body warmth growth continued at a steady pace with the sequencing Utagoe and the rising power track Kanashimi To DANCE Wo. From the very first notes of following song Chintsuuzai, clearly a fan favorite, the entire crowd cheered and screamed to the point of euphoria. Miya (Gt) and YUKKE (B) then exchanged places back and forth, and stepped upon the front of the stage to play together A which filled up the room with even more energy.
As the night got dark, the performance went on an emotional note when Tatsuro (Vo) got down on his knees and sobbed while singing Mama. Moving onto one of the most crucial moments of the night when the following minutes right after TRIGGER, the band stood silent and still and so was the audience. It felt like time stopped ticking and space moving, an isolated moment when the world ceased to exist outside of the thin walls of the open-air venue. No sound was to be heard except the monotone traffic noise, nothing was moving but the clouds upon the sky. The wind was peacefully caressing every soul in the room when all of a sudden, Tatsuro (Vo) screamed his guts out then the show went on with Mukashi kodomodatta hitotachi he in which rhythm section performed by impressive bassist YUKKE and drummer SATOchi, can make you dance as if no one’s watching. Then, the pace slowed down again for a little while with songs like Isola, Kono sen to sora, ieji and newly-released single Heide. The lights of the stage went smoother in colors and darker creating a mellow atmosphere purveying a deep melancholy which made the audience as well as the band grew emotional. Tatsuro (Vo) belted out the ballad with a whispering thank you.
MUCC shut down the main set of the performance with intensity, fierceness and showmanship when performing energizing tracks Mr.Liar and TONIGHT. The crowd erupted into enormous applause, dancing and crazy headbanging ! When it was finally over the audience’s tirelessly enthiusiam continued, people kept cheering and hand-clapping until the band came back on stage for an encore. Fist-bumping the air, jumping around stage and gesturing to the crowd, MUCC kept the good vibes rolling with a second set full of Rock N Roll energy. The freedom encouraged by the band became magnified under the setting of the night sky, when all there was left to do was surrender to the music. The concert reached its zenith during the closing track Ranchuu when Tatsuro (Vo) commanded the audience to sit down on the ground then jump up on cue.
MUCC is currently holding the rest of this 20th anniversary celebration tour this summer throughout Japan, we only hope the band will bring this very achievement in Europe any time soon.


Setlist | Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall | June 25th (2016)

1. Daikirai
5. Utagoe
6. Kanashimi To DANCE Wo
7. Waga, arubekibasho
8. Chintsuuzai
9. A.
10. Mama
12. Mukashi kodomodatta hitotachi he
13. Isola
14. Kono sen to sora
15. ieji
16. H EIDE eide.
17. MRr. Liar

20. 1997
21. orugooruOrgel
22. Ranchuu

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