【report】 DECAYS (Tokyo | Shinjuku BLAZE)

DECAYS, a unit made by Die (DIR EN GREY) and Kei Kashiyama (MOON CHILD) released its debut mini- album entitled “Red or Maryam” on December 16th, 2015 and performed it on stage at Tokyo’s Shinjuku BLAZE (JP) on the 24th of the same month. Contrary to what the name of the band and the one of its frontman may lead to believe, the music of the quintet is quite playful, cheerful, almost festive. At the entrance of the live house, watch-type LED lights were loaned to the audience. During the concert, these sorts of futuristic watches switched on according to the tracks’ different rhythm paces : they blinked rapidly, then lit steadily, they turned red then green, white then blue. The motto of the evening was definitely « Let’s party » ! The performance of the band first reserved, only Die and Chidony (DJ & Keyboard) seemed completely at ease from the beginning, reached the top as time went by. Bassist G, let himself be driven by the growing flow by taking up the length and breadth of the stage. Drummer Kei Kashiyama (MOON CHILD) exchanged several warm smiles and understanding glances with his sidekicks. The singer/guitarist Yusuke Kobayashi (THE NOVEMBERS) remained extremely quiet throughout the show so that Kanie, one of the two guests (along with the violinist Ayasa) sarcastically asked him if he was even enjoying himself — an intervention that amused the whole hall, Yusuke Kobayashi included ! At the end of the performance, the band made win prizes by drawing lots. This festive atmosphere was definitely timely for Christmas Eve.


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[ text translated by Lauren N ]