【report】 DECAYS (Tokyo | Shinjuku ReNY)

DECAYS, a Japanese unit led by Die (DIR EN GREY) and Kei Kashiyama (MOON CHILD) released its debut mini-album entitled ‘Red or Maryam’ on December 16th, 2015 and performed it on stage at Tokyo’s Shinjuku BLAZE (JP) on the 24th of the same month. The concert was reminiscent of a festive party, which occured in the nick of time for Christmas Eve. Four months later, the band was back in Tokyo to perform the finale show of its second one-man tour titled TOUR2016 PINK=FLORID. In the full-packed Shinjuku ReNY, DECAYS introduced itself to a promising new era. Welcoming female singer/guitarist Ataru Nakamura and violoncellist Ayasa within its ranks, the band has grown stronger : the music as much as the staging have gained prominence and confidence. Reconfigured members displayed together a great amount of technical efficiency as well as chemistry. Though different elements have been injected into the project, the band’s identity, its driving energy underlying its core, remains intact : DECAYS still evolves into an indie pop-rock genre from which flows some sort of sweet melancholic vibration. Here again, watch-type LED lights were loaned to the audience before the show, they switched on-and-off, back-and-forth in accordance to the different rhythm paces of the songs. These gadgets kept the audience amuzed and entertained for a while, but it is frontman Die who kept it non-stop mesmerized. Whether alongside long-term partners DIR EN GREY or new unit DECAYS, the man raises the crowd around his stamina, virtuosity and powerful seductive on-stage aura. With DECAYS, he combines the roles of vocalist and guitarist when effortlessly performing the band’s colourful rhythmic compositions. At sold-out Shinjuku ReNY, he led his troop with strong presence but soon shared the latter with Ataru Nakamura whose unavoidable charisma has the power to become an intrinsic part of DECAYS’ new global appeal and attractiveness, if not already. Her ease on stage was a bit surprising considering she only played a few shows together with the other members of the band. On ‘Emotion in Motion’, from guitar to vocals, she displayed the whole range of her talent. Though she radiated light, no one was left behind disadvantaged nor fallen through the cracks. All current members are multi-talented. On ‘Velvet no Tori’, G.Terrence took over the stage with his vocals and bass. Soon after, Asaya performed a deep-moving solo with her violin. From ‘beautiful’ to ‘after beautiful’ —a jam-like session — tension and temperature rose as fast as a blink of the eye. The trend continued and strengthened further when jumping Chidony performed his DJ set. The very joyful sounding ‘kesera sera’ (‘qué sera sera’ ?) followed and didn’t counter the growth of the infectious energy. On ‘Ai to Ai wo Nokosazu’ Ayasa’s violin was reminiscent of SUGIZO’s sounding as much as Ataru Nakamura’s voice reminded Ryuichi’s. For a few seconds, it felt like LUNA SEA’s ghost were haunting the stage. The first set closed with danceable song D.D. while the encore opened on with an impressively loud and bass-heavy wall of sound, which was then followed by an acoustic version of ‘Red tide’. As incompatible as it may sound (danceable song, stoner-doom like distortion, acoustic set), the tracklisting was well-thought and enjoyed fluidity. The performance reached its peak when drummer Kei Kashiyama, who was playing in the the dark until then, stepped towards the stage and played rhythm percussions seated next to Die who switched his electric guitar with an acoustic one to play the above mentioned song. The evening wrapped upon a happy note with festive catchy songs ‘Where are you going’ and ‘Rana – from Future Boy’. Before leaving the stage, frontman Die insisted that every musician expressed himself/herself to the audience. Building confidence in yourself is important, but being able to build confidence in others with natural wit and kindness – that’s charisma of a leader right here ! The band, now composed of six members — or more precisely five members and a bird (aka Chidony) according to Die’s own words — left people in anticipation for the DECAYS’ next move !

Setlist | Shinjuku ReNY (2016)

01. Aesthetics of the transgression
02. Zero Paradise
04. Dry
05. Kirei na Yubi (綺麗な指)
06. Emotion in Motion
07. Imprisonment Leaving
08. Veludo no Tori (ビロードの鳥)
(Violin Solo)
09. beautiful
10. after beautiful
11. Boon Companion
12. Que Sera Sera (ケセラセラ)
13. Secret mode
14. Ai to Ai wo Nokosazu… (愛と哀を遺さず…)
15. D・D
Encore :
16. Red tide (acoustic vers)
17. Where are you going ?
18. rana (ラナ) 〜from Future Boy〜


+ photos : HERE

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