【report】 DECAYS (Tokyo | Shinjuku ReNY)

DECAYS | Live Report (August 4th 2016)


DECAYS, led by Die (DIR EN GREY) and Kei Kashiyama (MOONCHILD) released its debut mini- album entitled Red or Maryam on December 16th, 2015 and performed it on stage for the first time at Tokyo’s Shinjuku BLAZE (JP) on the 24th of the same month. Freshly reconfigured, the band went on tour, titled TOUR2016 PINK=FLORID, on April 2016 in Japan to support the release and made available a brand new single Veludo No Tori for the special occasion The band wrapped up the tour with a brilliant performance at Shinjuku ReNY on April 9th opening new doors, new persppectives and a breath of fresh air in the scene. After four months of silence but yet bolstered by this experience, DECAYS was back to the fancy venue and proved again its talent.

On August 4th, DECAYS ignited the Shinjuku ReNY (Tokyo, JP) !

The room, surrounded by bright and colourful spotlights, welcomed the new line-up of DECAYS to furious and pulsing electro-beats. Each member came on stage, one-by-one, to face the applause and cheers from the crowd. DJ and keyboardist Chidony was the first member to show up, he was then followed by drummer Kashiyama Kei, the new bassist Ryota Terasawa and violinist Ayasa. Together, they jammed a little while to the sounds of ecstatic fans. The members were then joined by the sexy-dressed vocalist/guitarist Nakamura Ataru, and finally completed with Die. The atmosphere in the full capacity venue was electric from the beginning to the end. The night kicked off with the uplifting track kesera sera (‘qué sera sera’) and soon followed by the punchy rhythm of Secret Mode. From this moment on, the energy kept rising with every song played. Even though DECAYS hasn’t played together live for a while, the chemistry of the members along with the enthusiasm of the fans made it a great show. The band felt solid together, especially the duet Nakamura Ataru and Die who kept interacting with each other. They often faced one another in the center of the stage, headbanging and facing off with their guitars. During breaks, the guys spoke to the audience with ease, teased each other and joked around. The band might be young, but with such chemistry, we can only look forward to what’s coming next especially in terms of recorded tunes — and this is going to happen soon !

DECAYS will release its 1st album on December !

At the end of the show, a screen came down and showed footages from the same night along with a big announcement, the release of DECAYS’s first album. Titled 『Baby who wanders』the disc will be out on December the 7th. To celebrate the event, the band will hold a ONEMAN TOUR in Japan. All dates and venues are available below :


  • 2016.12.27(火) 大阪・OSAKA MUSE (Osaka)
  • 2016.12.28(水) 愛知・ell.FITS ALL (Aichi)
  • 2017.01.04(水) 東京・赤坂 (Asakusa) BLITZ (Tokyo)


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