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On November 29th, 2010, MOTÖRHEAD drummer, Mikkey Dee, stopped by in Paris, France to promote the new album of the band titled « The Wörld is Yours » which will be released on December, 10th. Here are the words from the press conference.


Hi Mikkey, tell us more about the new album.
Mikkey : I am going to start off by saying that we didn’t want to do this album in the first place. We’ve been asked to work on it at the end of last year but at the time, we were not thinking about releasing another album, we were not ready yet. Then, as time went by, we talked a bit more about it, we went to some meetings with our manager who told us to come over California and try to work something out. We flew to L.A and the inspiration came out, it was flying out ! We even decided to stay in the studio another week to keep working and suddenly the album was done. In fact, « The Wörld Is Yours » was the easiest album we’ve ever done since I joined the band. I don’t know if it’s the greatest one we’ve done so far, it’s too soon to tell. All I know is that this is definitely a great one that goes hand in hand with the three latest ones (« Inferno », « Kiss Of Death » and « Motörizer »). « The Wörld Is Yours » is more Rock N Roll and back to basic though.

The album is not available yet but have you checked out the feedback from the media ?
Mikkey : No. When we make a record, we do it for the three of us only. We don’t think about what the press, the fans, the radios and the record compagny say. Each in everyone of us has different opinions so we cannot please everybody, that is impossible. Of course, it is wonderful if the fans love it, I am denying it. But this is not a motivation, we get motivated by pleasing us first, that is for sure ! If we took notice of what others want to say, what they want to hear, we would be in trouble. We do what we want to do and that seems to be the best way to work.

How would you describe your work with Cameron Webb ?
Mikkey : Cameron started to work with us on the « Inferno » album. When I first met him, he was such a young kid but he had very good ideas so we gave him a shot ! I remember saying to him « Cameron, there is only one rule with MOTÖRHEAD : don’t be intimidated by any of us ! For sure, Lemmy is going to scream at you and call you with different kinds of names, I will throw you drumsticks and Phil is going to chase you with a guitar (laugh) ! Despite that, don’t change your mind, stay straight and follow your idea. If you think I’m making a shitty song, you have to fucking tell me. If I mess up, tell me ». And actually, he did quite well ! He said to me once « well Mik, I thought you were a good drummer… » which I responded « well Cam, go fuck yourself » ! (laughs). On a more serious note, he is a hard-worker, he is honest and reliable. I trust his tastes and he has guts to say what is on his mind onto Lemmy’s face (laughs).

w/ Mikkey from Motörhead | © December, 2010

The term « death » and its imagerie have been important in MOTÖRHEAD’s latest albums. Would that mean the band is coming to an end ?
Mikkey : No. The band will not disappear as long as these three following points are joined together : – 1. being healthy ; 2. still enjoying playing together, 3. people coming to our shows. These three points are what matter the most to us as a band, they are the reasons we continue. I might wake up one day and realize that I cannot do this anymore, who knows ? Actually, this is what happened to Würzel in 1995 (Mick « Würzel » Burston was the guitarist of MOTÖRHEAD from 1984 to 1995). As for now and as for me, I am still enjoing it.

What’s your point of view on Lemmy’s movie ?
Mikkey : It’s a good movie. Lemmy is great in it, he’s sarcastic and funny as hell ! Just exactly like I know him. I was laughing all the way through the movie. But I personally think it should have had more live shots.

Who has been your influences as a drummer ?
Mikkey : My very first influence has been Ian Paice (DEEP PURPLE). I was 17 years old when I saw Deep Purple for the first time and it had a big impact on me. I would also mention Brian Downey (THIN LIZZY), Steve Smith (JOURNEY), Neil Peart (RUSH), Scott Rockenfield (QUEENSRYCHE) and Cozy Powell. Those guys are very talented. I basically love 70’s and 80’s drummers because of their dynamics. When I listen to Ian Paice, I can hear a lot of Buddy Rich. I love when Jazz & Blues drummers play Hard Rock. As for younger drummers …hum… God ! There are so many good drummers out there today, I can’t even try to mention them.

In retrospect, how do you think you’ve changed Motörhead’s music ?
Mikkey : Hum… I think I have changed it quite a lot but I don’t know how exactly. Actually, I had two options when I joined MOTÖRHEAD back then : I could be either Philthy « Animal » Taylor replacement or myself, Mikkey Dee. I choose the second option. I am a different individual and I have a different output in the drums, so yes, I think the band has changed ever since I joined it. We are constantly evolving, slowly but surely. When you listen to some bands, from an album to the another one, you don’t even recognize their sound. MOTÖRHEAD doesn’t do that ! We’ve always tried to keep going and moving forward half a step ahead. It’s impossible for me to say how I’ve changed MOTÖRHEAD, all I know is that I was ready to join them and be myself. To tell you the truth, I think the band has gone to the better. And what I do like about changing is that we have found a brand new generation of fans. At our live shows, different generations are mixed and have fun together which I am very proud of. We are very grateful that our first fans are still around and support us but we do need other generations to listen to our music. To get back to your question, I do think I’ve changed the band’s music : new line-up, different people, other time, obviously mean different music. I don’t know how though, we didn’t think about how to change it, it just did by itself. A lot of old bands, especially when they reforme and come back, sit around a table and talk about the one and only song they had great and the new album comes out after 10 or 15 years and it’s like a fucking copy of that only song, it sounds like the fucking same with different lyrics (laughs).

w/ Mikkey from Motörhead | © December, 2010.
NB : Mikkey also mentioned hat MOTÖRHEAD is planning to release a box-set with several DVDs. He did not give further details, he only said that it will come in « a beautiful package including many surprises » !

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