lynch.’s new album “D.A.R.K. -In the name of evil-” is available on CD all over Europe via |Okami Records| and physically distributed by |Neo Tokyo| ! To celebrate the release, we met the frontman of the band, Hazuki, at Yokohama’s Landmark Tower where the team of |King Records| warmly welcomed us.


Your 8th studio-album, ‘D.A.R.K -In the name of evil-‘, has just been released in Japan and Europe. How long did it take you to write and record ? Where was it worked ? With whom ?
Hazuki : The drums and the voice were recorded at King Records studio in Tokyo while the guitar-riffs and the bass-lines were recorded respectively at the guitarist and bassist’s houses. I can also tell you that no producer was involved in the making process of the new studio-album and the sound engineer is the one who already worked with us on the previous album, ‘GALLOWS’. His name is Kenichi ARAI. As far as the creative aspect goes, I think we tried to create solid tracks, we tried to strengthen the architecture of the compositions. This is what we were trying to get with the previous album, ‘GALLOWS’, but the latter is actually shakier than the new one. ‘D.A.R.K.’ goes further, it’s deeper, and better written. You can feel the difference in the drums. We wanted to get something that is uncluttered, intense, and firm at the same time. ‘D.A.R.K.’ combines these three elements. This album is heavy and loud and has a gothic atmosphere.

What are its common points with ‘GALLOWS’ ? What are its differences ?
Hazuki : Hum… As for the differences, I think the new album is — as its name suggests — darker than the previous one. It was also better completed. It has been further developed and it shows. As for the common points, it’s hard to say. Shortly after ‘GALLOWS’ was released, I though it could have been better crafted, I felt a bitter sensation of underachievement. Some things were missing… I developed and added these things on ‘D.A.R.K.’ But, of course, these ideas have been reworked in accordance with the universe of the new album. This is exactly why I think the new album is actually the logical follow-up of the previous album. It’s its continuity, its darker and firmer continuity.

You said that ‘D.A.R.K -In the name of evil-‘ has been mould with your blood, sweat and tears. What songs would be the most representative of your blood, sweat and tears ?
Hazuki : Argh (laughs) ! I did say that. This is an image meaning that we put ourselves entirely into it. We worked very hard, we put a lot of effort. For that matter, the ‘D.A.R.K’ album is the synthesis of our blood, sweat and tears. We gave our very best in its conception. This image doesn’t apply to any song, or several ones, in particular. It would be difficult for me to link a song to a notion. But if you insist, hum (takes the pen and starts thinking)… So, the song the most representative of our blood would be ‘ANTARES’. Then, hum… The song the most representative of our sweat would be ‘INVADER’. Finally, I would say that the song the most representative of our tears is ‘ETERNITY’.

What’s your favorite song off of the new album ?
Hazuki : Most probably ‘COSMOS’. I think the song is very heavy, intense and deep. As for me, it represents quite well the band as it is today. It blows a breathe of fresh air. A very special atmosphere exudes from the track. This holy atmosphere is new to the band.

How about the artcover ? How much are you involved in the development of your image ?
Hazuki : The idea of a burning piano by the sea originally came from me. The artistic team of King Records, our record company, took in charge its staging realization. They really put a piano in flames. A shot was then taken for the cover-art of the album. And there you go ! For every album and other releases, I am the one who’s responsible of the visual conceptions. I’m therefore very much involved in the development of the band’s image (smiles).

Looking back from ‘greedy dead souls’ until now, what would you say has been the biggest change for lynch. (music-wise or beyond) ?
Hazuki : Hum… lynch. is the exact same band as it was when we started off, although we indeed evolved. Back then, during the debut album ‘greedy dead souls’, our ideas and goals weren’t well-defined. We didn’t really know where we were going to. We simply used to do things as they came. It’s different now, our musical approach has changed, or more precisely matured. Nowadays, we focus on what we want to get before getting to it. We focus on the direction we want to go towards prior to doing anything. Each album is the result of careful thought-out decisions.

After 10 years , what motivates you to keep going ?
Hazuki : In ten years, passion has never left us. It has never dulled. Making music, creating our own songs and playing them live are activities that still please us. Well not really, our motivation is actually way stronger than it was back when we started. I think having the opportunity to witness a fanbase growing, to witness more people listening to our music and coming to our shows, increases our motivation. The fans are one of the most important elements that make us keep going.

In reflection, what do you feel is the greatest accomplishment of your career ?
Hazuki : Urgh ! Hum… It’s difficult for me to choose only one crucial moment, just because there are many of them. As a matter of fact, when you asked the question, I was trying to count all the highlights the band has collected so far. Let’s agree to choose several points (smiles) : the very first crucial moment is the starting point of the band’s activities. Then, the band’s major debut in 2011, with King Records. The release of GALLOWS, our previsous album. Finally, the ‘D.A.R.K.’ album. As for me, these moments are the greatest accomplishments of the band’s career so far.

What would you say to your European fans ?
Hazuki : At this point, no European tour has been planned yet but we do hope it will eventually happen any time soon. With a very sincere heart, I must say that find it galvanazing to know that European will finally be able to have our disc in hands. It’s exhilarating ! I picture them buying and listening to the album, I imagine them discovering the band’s universe and appreciating it, it goes beyond words. I imagine them opening up the booklet and seeing the photos inside. I can only advice European fans to listen to the music along with reading the lyrics. It would be fantastic for us to know they’ll do both. For these reasons, I hope they will buy it when it comes out. If they can’t understand the lyrics, I hope they will be able to feel our interpretation of the world through our music.

The message will be transmitted. Thank you for the interview.
Hazuki : Thank you very much.

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