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FAITH NO MORE was set to play unique French show at Hellfest on June the 20th but before coming on stage, members Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould & Mike Bordin held a press conference. For the record, « Sol Invictus », FAITH NO MORE’s long-awaited follow-up to 1997’s « Album Of The Year » was released on May 19 via the band’s newly formed imprint Reclamation Recordings (distributed by Ipecac Recordings).


What motivated you to reform the band at this point ?
Mike Bordin : We came back because it felt good. We talked a lot about it. We started playing music back again in 2009. We enjoyed it. The album, Sol Invictus, is just the reflection of that, of that enjoyment — of the fact that we liked hanging around together. We just wanted to create something again because it felt like we had something to say.

The album, ‘Sol Invictus’, was recorded in secrecy, no publicity was undertaken. What made you so certain that chemistry would work again ?
Billy Gould : If it didn’t work, nobody would have ever known (laughs).
Roddy Bottum : We weren’t certain at all whether it would work or not, but before the album came out, we did a few shows together. We liked it, we liked that tour. We spent some time together prior to recording, we enjoyed those moments. So, it felt like it was going to make sense.
Billy Gould : We didn’t tell anybody because we weren’t sure. We didn’t know how long it would take, we didn’t know how much time we would need.

Everybody agrees on your comeback. Reviews have been excellent. How do you feel about it ?
Billy Gould : This album feels really natural to us. In the past, we put out other albums that felt natural to us but they didn’t always get such great reviews — at the time. What matters the most is that we like what we do. It feels good when you get excellent feedback though
Roddy Bottum : It was a crazy thing to put out an album after so long. It makes people curious. But, we didn’t know how people would react to it. Now that the album’s out, we feel super glad that they like it. It’s very flattering to get all that positive attention after such a long hiatus. Yes, it is amazing to still be able to create music that people love.
Billy Gould : The biggest achivement was to be able to make a new record. The fact that it’s being well-received is a really nice addition.
Mike Bordin : We all like the album, we are very happy about the new material. If people feel the same about it, it’s amazing ! The new stuff is the best we could do.

Why is so time-short ?
Mike Bordin : It felt like 40 min was enough to say what we wanted to say.
Billy Gould : Two size a vinyl is the perfect time to sound good for us.

Does the track ‘From The Dead’ allude to the band’s career ?
Roddy Bottum : Everything that we do is a reference to the band’s career. Just like a joke, those things are better left to interpretations.

With the new album, the band grew up a new generation of fans. How do you feel about it ?
Billy Gould : Terrible, it sucks (laughs) !
Mike Bordin : My hair is older than those guys that you’re talking about (laughs).
Billy Gould : More seriously, it’s interesting to play in front of different fans, in front of different people, every time. I like that. This is what makes it interesting to me.

You are asked a lot of questions about the new album. What would you like to be asked ?
Roddy Bottum : Interesting… I like personal questions about sex and drugs (laughs). Those questions are always welcomed.

The band reformed in 2009 for a short tour prior to the release of the new album. What are your future plans ? Will the band do a longer tour ? Does Sol Invictus mark the reunion of a real band ?
Billy Gould : OK, let me tell you something. With all due respect, I’m 52 years-old. Being what you call a real band meaning doing an expensive tour, is not going to happen. We are doing this now, we are focused on what is happening today. We don’t know how long it’s going to last. We like the music that we play, we enjoy where we are today. That’s what matters. We like the idea to keep doing it but forever is a long time. So, who knows ?
Mike Bordin : We do what we feel good about. Our intentions are just honest, our doings are spontaneous. That’s what you get from us.

Angel Dust and The Real Thing have just been remastered. What’s your opinion about the new editions ?
Billy Gould : This was not the band’s idea. They don’t come from us. We haven’t even heard these remasters. We don’t know what they sound like.
Mike Bordin : Don’t you think it’s interesting that the remastered CDs were released three days before Sol Invictus came out ? Isn’t it cute ?! That’s business my friend, not us. That’s how it goes.

Are you still in contact with Jim Martin ?
Roddy Bottum : He lives and works in California. He has a family and he seems to be doing very well. We were in touch with him when we planned and discussed our reunion tour, but it didn’t work out. We all wanted that to happen but unfortunately we were on different pages.
Billy Gould : I’m happy that we have Jon — actually.

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