D’ERLANGER is a Japanese band considered to be a major influence to the formation of visual kei. The band formed in 1983 and disbanded in 1990, but reformed in 2007. Since then, they released three full-length albums : Lazzaro (2007), The Price of Being a Rose is Loneliness (2008) and D’erlanger (2009). Currently touring Japan, frontman Kyo chose VerdamMnis to discuss this reunion and future plans.


For those not acquainted with D’ERLANGER, how would you describe your music ?
Kyo : There is nothing like D’ERLANGER. We have a very special world-view. We have been creating rock music that nobody had experienced at the time and we will be continuing to progress and evolve as time goes on.

The band reformed after parting ways 17 years ago. How did the reunion happen ?
Kyo : We all felt an urge to reunite and create our sound back together again. It is a matter of fate.

What was it like to perform together again after such a long time (April 2007) ?
Kyo : It was so exciting !

Being older thus more experienced, how has the creation process changed over the years ?
Kyo : It might have changed but I don’t know how exactly. I am still making stimulating music. It is as simple as this.

You were pioneers of Visual Kei movement back in the 80s. What do you think about its evolution and do you still feel like you belong to it ?
Kyo : It is wonderful that this movement is known and recognized as being part of the Japanese culture. Until we came together, there was no such thing as ‘Visual Kei’.

How important is the visual aspect of your music today ?
Kyo : Hum… Isn’t it better to have a good visual image than having uninteresting stage shows ?

Where do you draw your inspiration from and what do you like most writing about ?
Kyo : I think that the lyrics just come out easily and naturally because our music has lots of emotional appeals. My favorite writing subjects always deal with people’s deepest feelings that are not usually easy to reach.

Do you plan to come over here this year ?
Kyo : We don’t have any plans to tour yet but we will be very happy to come to perform over here, in Europe, anytime !

What do you want to say to your French fans and VerdamMnis readers ?
Kyo : We are looking forward to meeting you guys here in France soon !

Thank you Kyo.
Kyo : Merci !

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