【email / interview】Daisuke (KAGEROU, The Studs))

Daisuke is known for his work with KAGEROU. Soon after the disbanding of the band, he formed THE STUDS. On june 2010, he launched his solo project named DAISUKE TO KURO NO INJATACHI. Only 1 single has been released, the passing-away of the man has not permitted to release its debut album. We have just been informed about the tragic news and we are in shock ! We did the interview (below) a very short time ago, unfortunately it is not completed, we did not have the time enough to do so, Daisuke was not responding to his emails anymore — which makes sense now. We were hesitating to publish it, but there it is. It is probably the very last interview he granted. Please do not mind evasive answers of some questions.


Hi Daisuke, how are you doing ?
Daisuke : I am doing fine, thanks. I am feeling like singing with little birds. 🙂

Singing with birds ?
Daisuke : Yes, I do sing along with them every day. It just makes feel so much happy. It is very enjoyable.

Are you nervous about launching your solo unit ?
Daisuke : Not at all. Right now, I am simply filled with joyful expectations. I really cannot wait to launch my solo unit, it is very exciting. I think a wobbly future of music like a black vortex, in a good way, is waiting for me. I feel very much inspired and I am eager to share it. I want to give it all.

Can you clear up the rumor about THE STUDS disbanding ?
Daisuke : As you just said, it is a rumor. This is just a temporary break-off, THE STUDS are on hiatus yes, but we have definitely not disbanded, we are far from wanting to stop the band. So I am quite positive and confident about our future.

Why did you feel the need to start a solo career ?
Daisuke : I got a mission from the God of music, something from above and beyond. I needed it badly. I just had to do it.

What does it allow you to do that perhaps don’t in a band ?
Daisuke : A world of my absolute egoism. It takes off jealousy, paranoia and some sense of inferiority which might be felt when being in a band. Considering this project being a solo act, it fits me more than the other bands I have been involved in. It is my music, my universe, it is 100% me.

From your bands to your solo career, how do you feel your work has evolved or shifted over time ?
Daisuke : I think my music has become deeper. I have grown, my music too. I am maybe less angry, less violent, than I used to be before, maybe not. My anger is probably better channeled. I don’t know. But I consider who I am and what I do as being new and fresh.

Musically, what can we expect to hear from your very first release set to be out on June 2nd ?
Daisuke : You can expect some passion in a sense of pathos, you will get emotions, the most vivid and intense ones. You can expect suffering and spectacular melodies.

Do you write all the music and lyrics yourself or is it more of a collaborative effort ?
Daisuke : I write lyrics by myself, and write songs with the black hermits (the famous “Kuro No Injatachi”). Although the project is “solo” in the sense that it consists of my leading, the hermits are deeply involved in this project.

Do you plan to release a full-lenght album ?
Daisuke : It is too early yet for me to answer the question because we are actually working on this project, at the time being. Just get back to me in short time, later and I will tell you everything and anything you want to know.

Visually, you seem to be drawn back to a dark esthetic. Can you explain this choice of yours ?
Daisuke : I have experienced several emotional feelings including despair, betrayal, loss, anger and sorrow. When I am confronted to these feelings directly or I am the witness, when I see these stuff in front of my own eyes, I sign a pact with the devil, and my physical appearence takes different shapes. To sum up, I dress as I see and experience.

Is there any message behind your music ?
Daisuke : Yes there is. I wish everyone has strength, I want to encourage you guys to do whatever you want to. Don’t be overwhelmed by people, don’t ever let someone drag you down. I hope I help you follow this path. If my music helps you, I am the happiest man in the world.

Can tell something to VerdamMnis readers ?
Daisuke : Be patient and wait for me with love. If so, I will climb aboard a plane and visit you in a
short time. Please keep supporting me, it means a lot. Thank you very much.

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