CHILDREN OF BODOM’s ninth studio album, “I Worship Chaos”, will be released on October 2d via Nuclear Blast. The record was produced by Mikko Karmila with whom the band worked before on four albums : “Halo Of Blood”, “Hatebreeder”, “Follow The Reaper”, “Hate Crew Deathroll”. Before the band played at Hellfest (Clisson, FR), we interviewed keyboardist, Janne Wirman.


Your new album will be out on October 2d. Can you tell us more about it ?
Janne : It’s a very dark record. The overall mood is pretty black, gloomy. It is definitely not a happy record. The lyrics are very threatening and melancholic, and so are the melodies. To me, it seems like ‘I Worship Chaos’ is way darker than the previous albums and so far everyone has told me that the songs are a lot catchier, which makes me glad. Structure-wise, the songs are definitely simpler. So they’re kind of more approachable. To sum it up, you can expect an angry, dark and catchy album. ‘I Worship Chaos’ is CHILDREN OF BODOM reborn even more pissed-off.

How did you come-up with the title « I Worship Chaos » ?
Janne : It’s Alexi’s idea. I can’t say much about it. Originally it was a song which turned into an album title. All I know is Alexi hates silence. It’s something that freaks the shit out of him. He always needs something in the background to counter it. So to speak, he needs chaos around him to feel comfortable. I think, the title is supposed to mean something along those lines.

Weren’t you curious enough to ask ?
Janne : No, I wasn’t (laughs). I’ll ask him someday.

Roope Latvala left the band before the album was completed. The album was recorded as a four-piece band. How did it affect the creation process ?
Janne : When we started writing the album, we were still 5 guys in the band. The writing process, the creating process was therefore the same as before. Then things started to change. He lost interest in what we were doing. The more time we spent together, the less we got along with him. He then left the band. The record was pretty much written. His departure didn’t really affect nor change our way of making a record. He was still there for the most part of the writing process. When we started recording it however, things started to get difficult. We were only 4, but the record was written by 5 guys, for two guitars. But it was already written, and we didn’t want to change a bit of it, so Alexi played all the guitars. The recording process went smoother and faster than I expected it to be.

What happened with Roope Latvala ?
Janne : I just don’t know, we just felt his motivation was leaving him. He was just not interested in the band anymore. We had to adjust for the band’s well-being. We had to keep going without him. Basically, we were at a phase where we wanted to have a new beginning and reinvent ourselves. The four of us were pushing it harder and putting more effort on the band, we were just working really hard. And he wasn’t quite there with us, as far as the level of work ethics. So we felt like everyone’s better off if we part ways at this point, and that’s what happened. It happened three days before we hit the studio to record, but it was a long time coming. Everybody was anticipating already. It wasn’t just working out with him. It sucks. He was around for twelve years,. It was like losing a member of the family. But, we’ve got to move on. We wish him nothing but the best.

Your brother joined the band ever since Roope left.
Janne : He joined for the summer festivals. He was free for this time period. We knew that he could play the songs. We wanted to go with someone close to the band, someone we can count on and who can nail these songs. Antti was the obvious choice. It’s easier and better for everybody to get someone we know.

Will he become a permanent member ?
Janne : No, he won’t. Together with the band, we’ve been talking about the fifth member who’ll join permanently. It’s something we need to talk about again and again. It’s an important matter. We’re having discussions. But at the time, I can’t say much about it. We won’t rush for sure.

“I Worship Chaos” was produced by Mikko Karmila, whom with you worked before on four albums. What do you like best about working with him ?
Janne : He knows us so well. He never tries to make us do things we don’t like. He doesn’t impose his ideas. He knows our style. He knows how we work, what we like, what we don’t. He knows our technical abilities as musicians. It’s always a great collaboration. Everything is so obvious with him. Everything goes very smootly. Ot’s always a great work environment with him. He doesn’t throw out ideas. When he has one and shares it, it means something.

What band are you most looking forward to seeing tonight ?
Janne : Is FAITH NO MORE playing ?

No. You’ll have to come back tomorrow if you want to see them.
Janne : Shit… I really wanted to see them. I’m so serious about it. I was so eager to see them. Fuck it ! I am so disappointed. I do hope it will happen some day.

What are you most expecting from the audience tonight ?
Janne : Last time, we had a great time. We played on one of the main stages. This time around, we’ll be playing in the tent. I expect the show to be more intimate, more extreme, just like gigs are in big clubs. We expect people to get crazy !

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