【face-to-face / interview】BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, introduced as the new supergroup, is about to launch its second studio-album — on June 13rd. We met the frontman, Glenn Hughes (TRAPEZE, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) in his hotel room in Paris to talk about this new release. Here are the collected remarks.


The new album will be available in two months. What can you tell us about it ?
Glenn : I think the new album is darker and heavier than the previous one. I wanted to write deeper songs with heavy lyrics for rock fans. I didn’t want to sing too much about « boys loving girls and girls kissing boys »… It was not the direction I wanted to go to with this band. I want something a little darker. The new album has the same blueprint and components as the first one but in a darker way. We named it « 2 » because it’s the second part of the first album, just like The Lords of The Rings, you know. We wanted to have a brother and sister album. Kevin and I thought the title « 2 » was appropriate.

Will be there a « 3 » ?
Glenn : No, I don’t think so. There’s gonna be a third album for sure but it won’t be part of the 2 previous ones. It will have a real title.

Talking about the lyrics being heavier, what can you tell us about « Little Secret » ?
Glenn : It’s something that happened to me that I couldn’t get over with until now. It took me such a long time to get over it. I needed to exorcise it. I do think secrets are bad for people. Communication is the key of everything. You have to tell somebody your inner secret to let it go. I know some people die with their secrets, it’s such a terrible thing to do. « Little Secret » is about a situation with a girl who I was in love with. I couldn’t get over her. I had to deal with the situation in a way that is important for me, which is music. I don’t speak to her anymore, it doesn’t matter though. It’s OK now.

« 2 » was produced by Kevin Shirley again. How would you describe your work with him ?
Glenn : Er… Kevin is an amazing producer, a great visionary and a good motivator. He is a great guy to work with, he really is. I didn’t want someone to produce « me », I wanted someone who could challenge the things that I do. Kevin is absolutely not afraid of doing it. He has been in toe-to-toe with Jimmy Page, toe-to-toe with Steven Tyler, toe-to-toe with Chris Robinson and so on. He’s simply an honest hard-working guy.

The writing process for « 2 » started in August 2010, a month before the release of the band’s debut album. It will be released only 9 months after the first one. Where do you find your inspiration from ?
Glenn : I don’t know. I write all the time. I never stop. I’m challenging myself this way. I challenge myself to write about different things. I never force myself to do it. I just want and need to be productive. Music is my life and my life is music.

But don’t you think time off is needed to take a global perspective on what you do for not repeating yourself ?
Glenn : Yes definitely. But, we wanted to establish ourselves as a real band that is why we released the two in a very short lapse of time. People call us the « new supergroup » which I don’t like because supergroups usually fade away real quickly. We are going to record a DVD in July in Germany which will be coming in November so, now, we are really establishing the fact that we are here. We are a real band. Plus, I am getting old, I don’t want to be rocking on stage when I am 70. I’d rather be doing something else. Right now, I want to make music as much as I can. I’ll know when it’s time to take a break and the time has not come yet.

What do you think has been your biggest challenge or greatest achievement so far ?
Glenn : Stop using drugs and drinking 20 years ago.

Can you tell us about the autobiography, « The Life, Near Death And Rebirth of A Rock Star » which will be out on May ?
Glenn : It comes next month like you said. It’s about a little boy who becomes famous and stupid. I talk about his rebirth from the craziness he has been through. It’s a good story, it’s my story. I don’t want to tell too much about it. Go read it (laughs) !

On june, the band will kick off a tour but no date has been announced for France yet. Do you think we’ll get to see you guys this year ?
Glenn : Yes. I will play with BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION on July 13th at the Bataclan in Paris and I will play in October in your country, France, as a solo artist. We love the albums, but we are a live band, we love playing live so please come see us. Playing live is the most important thing to me.

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